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Compression Leg Sleeves with Copper - PureCompression Running Compression Copper Sleeves for Runners

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Product Description

The copper compression leg sleeves feature copper infused yarn to relieve muscle soreness and stiffness. The compression in each calf sleeve provides support to the calf and shin area, helping to treat shin splints. A moisture wicking fabric stays light and dry. The copper sleeve feature ultra comfortable compression, meaning you will are able to wear them comfortably for hours and hours. The copper compression leg sleeves are great for athletes, those on their feet all day like nurses, and anyone who suffers from sore calves. The copper compression sleeves keep your legs feeling great all day.

Who are compression leg sleeves with copper designed for?

Runners - help treat shin splints, calf strains, calf cramping, and improve running endurance thanks to the copper leg sleeves graduated compression technology

All Athletes - Whether using the leg sleeves for basketball, tennis, gymnastics, dance, hiking or any sport that involves running , athletes are able to benefit from better feeling legs

Travelers - Frequent flyers have long used compression socks and compression stockings for travel to prevent swelling and relieve restless legs. The advantage of compression leg sleeves are that they are able to be worn with open toed shoes underneath jeans.

Nurses - 12 hour shifts are very tiring. The compression in the leg sleeves helps to stimulate blood flow and reduce fatigue, allowing legs to feel energized.

Sizing of the copper compression sleeve is based on calf size . Measure the circumference of your calf around the widest point with the muscle relaxed.

Small - 9.5" - 13"
Medium - 13" - 14.5"
Large - 14.5"+


  • Prevent Injuries, Reduce Shin Splints, and Treat Calf Strains: The copper leg sleeves help to reduce shin splint pain and treat calf strains by providing support to the calf and shin areas. Because the compression stabilizes muscles, it provides support to help to reduce injuries.
  • Features Therapeutic Copper Yarn: The compression leg sleeves are infused with copper yarn to help provide therapeutic compression to aching legs. The compression sleeves helps to relieve muscle stiffness and soreness. The leg sleeves are ideal for everything from running to travel.
  • Graduated Compression: The leg sleeves have the most compression is in the ankle area and the least in the calf area. This improves blood flow and circulation, helping to relieve restless leg syndrome, reduce leg swelling, alleviate leg pain, treat shin splints, provide calf support, and improve muscle recovery time. Leg will feel energized and great thanks to the graduated compression in the leg sleeves.
  • Prevents Perspiration Build-Up: The Compression Leg Sleeves with Copper are moisture wicking, which prevents them from becoming heavy with perspiration. The advanced construction of the leg sleeves wicks away moisture from the skin through the leg sleeve to the air where it evaporates. This allows for the leg sleeves to stay comfortable, lights, and dry.
  • Sold as a Pair: The Compression Leg Sleeves with Copper are sold as a pair - two pairs of leg sleeves per purchase

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